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HI welcome to my fanatge blog.. I hope you enjoy It. Make sure to follow me and become a member ! peace luv and cheese !! Contact us at : sherleysfantage@yahoo.com

Fanatge pet codes

Pebbles Family
Mumbo-Medium temp-low light-starter egg
Tombo-Cool temp-low light-starter egg
Jimbo-Medium temp-high light-starter egg
Rumbo cool temp-high light-starter egg
Weebo-warm temp-medium light-starter egg
Cosmos Family
Poofie-Warm temp-Medium light-Sunshine egg
Rockie-Warm temp-Low light- sunshine egg
Sparkli-Medium temp-Medium light-sunshine egg
Charmi-Cool temp-Low light-sunshine egg
Beami-Medium temp-Highest light-sunshine egg
Faires Family
Halo-Warm temp-High light- Orange star egg
Shylo-Cool temp-highest light-orange star egg
Mylo-Medium temp-Low light-orsnge star egg
Ceelo-Cool temp-Medium temp-Orange star egg
Dinos Family
Bello-Warm temp-Lowest light-spotted egg
Bubu-Cool temp-medium light-spotted egg
Toostie-Medium temp-Medium light-spotted egg
Bella-Cool temp-Low light-spotted egg
Firepuffs Family
Punkie-Medium temp-Highest light-Fiery orange egg
Ashie-Warm light-Low light-Fiery orange egg
Pixie-Warm temp-High light-Fiery orange egg
Scruffie-Cool temp- High light-Fiery orange egg
Fluffie-Medium temp-Lowest light-Fiery orange egg
Cuddlies family
Leefi-Cool temp-medium light-Olive egg
Kiki-Warm temp-High light-Olive egg
Zumi-Warm temp-Lowest light-Olive egg
Feebi-Medium temp-High light-Olive egg
Elli-Cool temp-Lowest light-Olive egg
Jellies Family
Jigglie-Medium temp-highest light-Cloudy skies egg
Razzle-Warm temp-Highest light-Cloudy skies egg
Peachfuzz-Warm temp-Low light-Cloudy skies egg
Goober-Cold temp-Low light-Cloudy skies egg
Bloopie-Low light- Medium temp-Cloudy skies egg
Areopuffs family
Turnip-Cool temp-High light-Purple madness egg
Nana-Cool temp-Lowest light-Purple madness egg
Spinner-Cool temp-Highest light-Purple madness egg
Flora-Medium temp-Medium light-Purple madness egg
Monko-Warm temp- Lowest light-Purple madness egg
Barnacles Family
Zuzu-Warm temp-Highest light-Red ribbon egg
Jumbo-Hot temp-Low light-Red ribbon egg
Miku-Cool temp-Lowest light-Red ribbon egg
Chibu-Cool temp-Highest light-Red ribbon egg
Karu-Hot temp-Highest light-Red ribbon egg
Feathers Family
Minty-Medium Temp-Lowest light-Secret lock egg
Rakoon-Warm temp-Low light-Secret lock egg
Lovely-Cool temp-Low light-Secret lock egg
Puffy-Hot temp-Medium light-Secret lock egg
Snowball-cool temp-High light-Secret lock egg
Frosties family
Shivers-Warm Temp-Medium light-Frosty egg
Gilbert-Cold Temp -Medium light-Frosty egg
Wally-Hot Temp-Highest light-Forsty egg
Twinkle-Cool temp-Low light-Frosty egg
Beeker-Hot temp-Lowest light-Frosty egg
Ribbons Family
Pogo-Medium temp-Low light- Pointy egg
Bobo-Bold temp-Low light-Pointy egg
Yoyo-Warm temp-Lowest light-Pointy egg
Robo-Cool temp-Medium temp-Pointy egg
Jojo-Hot temp-Low light-Pointy egg